Discover Tjolöholm Castle in its autumn splendor.

10 Tips: Delightful Autumn in Halland

Halland offers lovely weekend experiences in the fall. City coziness, stormy walks by the sea, coffee road trips, and lots of delicious food. Read more and get inspired for a relaxing weekend on our part of the west coast.

Halland offers lovely weekend experiences in the fall. City coziness, stormy walks by the sea, coffee road trips, and lots of delicious food. Read more and get inspired for a relaxing weekend on our part of the west coast.

Welcome to Halland in the autumn. Maybe you have visited in the summer, but autumn is something special. Stormy beaches, world-class spa resorts, dreamy cafes, and a plethora of exciting culinary experiences await you.

1. Autumn Break - Fun for the Whole Family

The autumn break and Halloween celebrations are cozy, fun, and just a little bit spooky. The break offers everything from ghost walks and fast toboggan runs to light experiences, campfires, and autumn-holiday-open campsites with packed activity programs.

Rys och mys during the autumn break in Varberg, Halland.

Rys och Mys in Varberg is one of the many exciting events during the autumn break.

Foto: Natalie Greppi

2. World-class Spas and Resorts

Experience the calm, pleasure, and luxury - far from the stressful daily life. In Halland, we have a long history of health and well-being, and here you will find some of Sweden's best spa hotels and resorts of different characters: Asia spa, Varbergs Kusthotell, Sinnenas spa at Ästad Vineyard, Falkenbergs Strandbad, and Hotel Tylösand.


Varbergs kusthotell och spa erbjuder tångbehandling.

Varbergs kusthotell

At Falkenberg's beach resort, you can enjoy both tranquility in the spa and a party in the beach club.

Falkenbergs strandbad

Sauna at the spa Ästad Vingård, Halland.

Sinnenas spa på Ästad vingård

The Spa at Hotel Tylösand in Halland

Hotell Tylösand

Asia Spa in Varberg

Asia spa i Varberg

3. Finally Cold Enough for Cold Baths

With the arrival of autumn, the season begins for salty, cold, beneficial baths. The star is the beautiful Varbergs Cold Bathhouse, but of course, you can also have a cold bath without a sauna - as the people of Halland often do.

Cold bath in Varberg

Natural, simple, wonderful with cold bathing in Käringhålan in Varberg. Photo by Natalie Greppi

Fotograf: Rebecca Zetterlund

Sunny, cold, and refreshing on the pier outside Falkenberg Strandbad. Photo: Rebecca Zetterlund.

Personer som bastar med utsikt över havet vid Varbergs Kusthotell.

Enjoy the warmth of the sauna before and after the bath. Photo: Varbergs Kusthotell.

4. Discover Delicious Food

There is so much delicious food in Halland – it's easy to find good food. Great restaurants, charming environments, and amazing ingredients.

På Knystaforsen i Hylte serveras en avsmakningsmeny med smaker från Halland.


Lisa Lemke serverar hemvevad pasta på Skrea Matbruk.

Skrea matbruk

Vacker och god mat serveras på Spiseriet.


Restaurang ÄNG på Ästad vingård, Halland.


5. Surf!

Halland is known as one of Sweden's best places for various types of surfing.

Surfing, Kåsa, Varberg Halland.

Autumn in Halland is perfect for surfing, like here in Kåsa, Varberg.


6. Hike & Bike in the Forest and by the Coast

Whether you want to hike or bike for a half-day or a long weekend, there are plenty of options in Halland.

Vänner cyklar fatbike vid stranden i Vesslunda, Halland.

Ride a fatbike on the beach in Vesslunda. Photo: Hidvi Group

Familj på utflykt i skogen runt Hjörneredssjöarna i Halland.

Hjörneredssjöarna. Photo: Anders Andersson

Vacker vandring runt Yasjön i Åkulla, Halland
Från berget Virsehatt har du fin utsikt över trädtopparna

Virsehatt, Halmstad. Photo Agneta Kristiansson

7. Art & Culture

Halland is full of exciting museums and interesting exhibitions.

Tjolöholm i sensommarskrud.

Upptäck Tjolöholms slott i höstskrud.

Anne Marthe Widvey

8. Walk by the Sea

Embrace autumn by the sea. Walk along undulating sand dunes or expansive beaches, on winding paths in the coastal forest, or across open beach meadows.

Promenera längs stranden på Skrea strand i Falkenberg

Promenera längs havet i Halland.

Foto: Joakim Lindström

9. City Coziness

Autumn is perfect for city coziness, and in Halland, cities of various sizes and characters are located like a string of pearls along the west coast.


Stadsbiblioteket i Halmstad längs med Nissan.


På Varbergs Fästning ligger Hallands kulturhistoriska museum.


Framdukat med bullar och te på Borgmästargården.



Restaurang Cosa Table i Kungsbacka