Produktbild på bodyscrub och tvål.
Foto: Martin Cederblad

Soap opera

Wind, salt, sun, rain and seaweed. The coastal environment has shaped L:a Bruket and made it one of Sweden's (and the Nordic's) most well-known brands for soaps, creams and other body care products.

Written by Lisa Söderholm
Lisa Söderholm Redaktör och friluftsälskare

En person håller fram en trälåda fylld av tång.

Every morning they gather seaweed from the beach for making soap at L:a Bruket. Photo: Mikael Pilstrand

Monica Kylén, one of the founders of L L:a Bruket, is a potter by trade. As a trained ceramic artist, she was working on a line of homeware products and needed a wholesome, natural soap to demonstrate the functionality of her design. Not able to find a single bar of soap that met her standards for design and quality, she decided to make some herself. This is how L:a Bruket started.

Bild på grundarna av L:a Bruket.
Monica Kylén and Mats Johansson are founders and owners of L:a Bruket.Photo: James Harris

Today, Monica runs L:a Bruket with her husband and they no longer make just soap. L:a Bruket has an assortment of over 80 different products and you’ll be able to find the brand in fine cosmetic stores in over 30 countries.

But despite being sold around the world, you’ll find the spirit of Varberg’s coastal landscape infused in the products. The spray of the sea, the pristine sands and the water not just symbolise the nature of the coast, they are also essential ingredients in many of the products, most of which are organic.

In the small fishing village Träslövsläge, just south of Varberg, they have a signature boutique that stocks their products. You can try out their products and pick what suits your particular tastes and needs before you buy.

I en beige necessär ligger fler produkter från L:a Bruket
L:a Bruket products are about simple, everyday pleasures. Photo: Martin Cederblad
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