Tre personer paddlar Stand up paddleboard
Foto: Johan Adermalm

Laid back adventures

For some people, a holiday means lounging with a good book on a hammock and doing little else. For some others, it means new adventures and escapades. In Halland, we cater to both kinds of visitors. If you’re the latter, and want to indulge in some hiking, horseback riding, biking or canoeing, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got dozens of bike paths, countless lakes, hiking trails snaking through dense forests and the open sea. Come along, and bring your sense of adventure.

Written by Agneta Kristiansson
Agneta Kristiansson Skribent

Halland has a pretty long coastline along with lush inland forests. This makes it the perfect destination for some pretty breezy frolicking times both on the water and on land.

The tranquillity when you glide gently in a canoe on a like is a different experience from the adrenalin rush you experience as you hurtle downhill on a mountain bike. So whether you’re talking a hike along the coast or paddling on a SUP, you’re guaranteed a strikingly difference experience each time.

Pedalling across Halland

If you are looking for unique cycling experiences, Halland is the perfect place for you.

Running along the coast of Halland, the Kattegat trail winds its way all the way from Helsingborg in the south to Gothenburg in the north. Kattegattleden is Sweden’s first national cycle route and offers 395 kilometers of cycling with the sea always by your side. The trail is divided into 8 stages and all along the trail you’ll find a variety of other attractions to enjoy.

If you wish to cycle inland, we’ve got that covered as well. The hilly slopes of Hallandsås offer a variety of trails with degree of difficulties from beginner to advanced. Hylteslingan on the other hand, has about165 kms of trails that give you a choice of speckled inland landscapes – think idyllic countryside –  charming villages with red cottages, lush fields with grazing animals and thickly wooded forests.

En person i blå tröja cyklar längs havet.
In Ugglarp, ​​the Kattegat trail runs right by the sea.

Saddle up and discover Halland on horseback

Discovering nature on horseback promises to be a remarkably different experience that anything you’ve had before. It can be gentle and tranquil and exciting at the same time. In Halland, you can go horseback riding along the coast, on wide open landscapes or in thick forests.

At Olofsbo just north of Falkenberg you can ride Icelandic ponies on the beach, in the forest or along the harbour. There are several options of overnight accommodation plus champagne and wine tasting to end the day in high spirits. At Lögnäs farm just outside Laholm, you can go riding inland among beech forests and open glades.  The farm also gives you the option of a cozy overnight stay with an attached courtyard spa to soothe your sore body after a hard day’s riding.

Criss-cross Halland on foot

Experience Halland’s beautiful nature on foot. Experienced hiker who want to rough it out in the open, cook over an open fire and hike for several days will feel at home here. As will nature lovers who just want the outdoor experience for a day. The varied landscape is bound to surprise you. One minute you’re in thickly wooded forests, the next minute you find yourself in sprawling open fields dotted with small red cottages.

Hallandsleden is nearly 430 kms long, but it is divided into 25 parts or stages. So you can choose and pick where and how far you want to hike.

Bild på tre personer som vandrar i en skog
Foto: Oskar Albrektson

Walking trails that kiss the sea

Nature along the coast of Halland is strikingly pretty. The strong winds coming in from the sea shape the a lands with open heaths, high sand dunes and enchanting beech forests with windswept trees. Walking along the coast is an eminently exhilarating experience; you feel a sense of abandon and calm at the same time. There are plenty of nature reserves, long sand beaches and even a trail names after Prince Bertil – choose and pick where you want to walk and for how long.

3 vuxna och 3 barn promenerar längs havet.
Go for a long stroll along the sea in Påarp.

Photo: Philip Liljenberg

Try your hand at Stand Up Paddleboarding

So much easier than surfing; and a completely different experience than canoieing stand up paddle boarding is fast becoming popular around the world. If you want to try it out, Halland has several different experiences to offer you. Stand up paddleboarding on the Fylleån river is a favourite of the locals. You  start in Snøstorp, just east of Halmstad and then paddle downstream to finally reach the sea. As you gently glide down the river, take in the sights. If you want a bit of hand-holding, KiteKalle offers instructions for every level – from beginners to advanced professionals.

Ett gäng tjejer paddlar Sup på Fylleån, omgivna med grönskande träd.
Fylleån river is perfect for Stand Up Paddleboarding

Halland in a canoe

Few activities lend themselves to enjoying nature and a healthy lifestyle like canoeing. It is difficult to imagine a more serene setting as your paddle dips gently into the stillness of the water, moving forward almost effortlessly along the shoreline. Maybe it’s just for an hour. Or perhaps you want to embark on an adventure over several days where you camp on the shore, cook over an open fire and swim in the cool waters.

Vallnäs Camping in Unnaryd has about 20 canoes for rent. This can be your starting point for a canoe adventure along the Lagaleden or along the lakes Unnen, Bolmen and Slättensjöarna. (If you would rather rent a canoe by the hour you’re welcome to do so as well.) Fegen, with its nature reserve, is another popular destination for canoeing in Halland.

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