En äldre person håller ett litet barn i handen när de går ner till stranden.
Foto: Oskar Albrektson

People from Halland live the longest in Sweden

It's probably no coincidence Hallandians live the longest in Sweden. Perhaps it’s the sea, the nature and the bracing winds. Or, it is because we have long understood the importance of taking care of ourselves.

Written by Lisa Söderholm
Lisa Söderholm Redaktör och friluftsälskare

Each year, Statistiska Centralbyrån (Sweden’s Statistics Bureau) conducts life expectancy surveys across Sweden. And people who live in Halland always come out tops. In fact, Hallandians have had the highest life expectancy in Sweden for over 100 years now. And with our long sandy beaches, bracing sea breeze and a history of spas and wellness, it’s actually not difficult to understand why.

It is no secret that spending time near the sea is good for your health – physically, mentally, and emotionally. As early as the 19th century Hallandians took to bathing in the sea regularly.

Today, we have plenty of research that shows that bathing in the sea is beneficial for your health. The cold, bracing water kickstarts the body and puts us in a better mood. So the next time you’re walking past the Kallbadhuset in Varberg, think about venturing in, throwing off your clothes enjoy a brisk dip in the sea.

Träpiren ut till Varbergs kallbadhus.
Be sure to take a refreshing dip in the sea next time you’re strolling past the Kallbadhuset in Varberg.Foto: Visit Varberg

It is also not a coincidence that some of Sweden’s finest spa hotels are strung like pearls in a necklace along Halland’s coast. The classic Falkenberg Strandbad was built in1937, and the magnificent Kusthotellet in Varberg also harks back to another era. And although it looked a lot different then compared to now. Today, it boasts state-of-the-art facilities that focus on health, good food and the healing power of the sea.

Två personer hänger på poolkanten och tittar ut över havet.
The Falkenberg Stranbad is a great place to unwind and recharge.Foto: Falkenberg strandbad

When in Halland, the best thing you could do for your health is take a leisurely walk along the beach and unwind to soothing symphony of the waves. When the sun is out, take a refreshing swim and follow it up with a meal at any of our award-winning restaurants that serve cuisine created with locally produced ingredients. When surrounded by nature, the carefree environment of the beach, and elements that contribute to your physical and emotional health, it becomes that much harder to be unhappy.

Två personer går längs stranden
The beach is always a great place for recreation and relaxation.Foto: Falkenberg Strandbad
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