Person som cyklar på skogsväg när solen är på väg ner
Foto: Robin Söderholm

Excellent MTB trails

Gently winding trails, fine gravel roads, demanding climbs and fast-paced runs – Halland has it all. So mountain bikers of all levels will have a terrific time here. We have open fields, thick forests, trails that go around lakes; so you can take in the natural beauty on your ride. Just make sure you always pay attention when you are out in the woods. Keep an eye out for animals and others like you who want to experience our beautiful landscapes.

Written by Lisa Söderholm
Lisa Söderholm Redaktör och friluftsälskare

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, you will always find a trail that’s perfect for you. We have one of Sweden’s premier beech forests where the trails are fast and the slopes are many. And on the border with Skåne  you will find Vallåsen bikepark where you can zip downhill, tackling the curves on our prepared trails.

Haverdal Nature Reserve

The Haverdal Nature Reserve is one of Halland’s oldest nature reserves. With the sea on its doorstep, you’ll find Mother Nature in one if her finer moods. Pine and conifer trees stand shoulder to shoulder with sand dunes and picturesque beaches. The reserve is criss-crossed with trails and you will also find Sweden’s highest sand dune, Lynga Sanddyna, here. It’s 36 meters high and offers spectacular views of the surrounding forest and the sea.

En person cykla längs en stig.
Haverdal’s Nature Reserve is criss-crossed with dozens of MTB trails.Photo: Mikael Strand

Skipås Nature Reserve

Here you can go cycling over what the locals call the green meadows of God – a vast rolling field where the sheep go pasture and the grass is a vibrant green. In the surrounding beech forest you will find paths that are both easy and technically challenging. The trail offers many vantage points that look out over the sea.

Två personer cyklar på varsin cykel.
It’s easy to see why Skipås is called the green meadows of God.Photo: Robin Söderholm

Biskopstorp’s Nature Reserve

East of Kvibille, just outside Halmstad lies Biskopstorp’s Nature Reserve, one of the largest in southern Sweden. The mountains are cloaked in deciduous trees that change colour with the season. This makes for a very scenic biking spot at all times of the year. Pro tip: Don’t miss this place as you will be biking amongst some of Halland’s oldest oak and beech forests here.

Person som cyklar på en skogsväg när solen är på väg ner.
In Biskopstorp there are some excellent MTB trails.

Photo: Robin Söderholm

Vallåsen Bike Park

Vallåsen Bike Park is smack on the border between Halland and Skåne. This is one of Sweden’s best parks for downhill mountain biking. On the northern slope of the Hallandsåsen, you will discover several different trails with varying degrees of difficulty weaving down the mountains. There are also some fantastic single tracks here.

En person med röd tröja gör ett hopp i downhillbanan.
It’s all downhill at Vallåsen Bike Park in HallandPhoto: Kristoffer Hilmersson
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