Två barn står på en stig och ska cykla iväg.

Four mountain biking trails

You don’t have to be a stunt rider to navigate the trails in Halland. Twisting paths, gravel roads, demanding climbs and trails for taking it easy – in Halland there’s mountain biking for everyone. The diverse landscape offers open fields, dense forests, lakes and beautiful views of the sea.

Written by Lisa Söderholm
Lisa Söderholm Redaktör och friluftsälskare

If you are passionate about mountain biking, boy do we have some lovely trails for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a battle-scarred veteran, you’ll find a trail that’s right for you.

In Halland you’ll find Sweden’s premier beech forest areas where the trails are twisting and many. The Vallåsen bike park lies on the border with Skåne bike park which is a mountain biker’s fantasy.

Tre personer med mtb står och kollar ut över havet där solen är på väg ner.
The sea is never far away in Halland. Photo: Robin Söderholm


Outside Varberg lies Åkulla, one of Sweden’s premier beech forest areas. The area is hilly and there are plenty of prospects for hiking and cycling. In addition to the rolling countryside, the area is dotted with lakes. Åkulla is also where the Bockstensmannen or Bocksten man was discovered. It’s the remains of a medieval man’s body found in a bog in Varberg, that has been dated back to the 14th century.

En cyklist kommer cyklande på en lövbeklädd stig. Omgiven av grönskande bokskog.
In Åkulla there are several excellent trails for hiking and biking. Photo: Robin Sandberg

Biskopstorps nature reserve

East of Kvibille, just outside Halmstad lies the Biskopstorps nature reserve , one of the largest in southern Sweden. The deciduous forests are ideal for cycling and hiking, and some of Halland’s oldest oak and beech forests grow in the area’s many slopes and shrubs.

Person som cyklar på skogsväg när solen är på väg ner
Biskopstorp offers some amazing biking prospects.Photo: Robin Söderholm

Haverdals nature reserve

Where else can you take a gentle stroll from the beach and land up in the middle of a forest, but in Haverdal nature reserve. You will also find Sweden’s highest sand dune, the ‘Stora Sandkullen’ which rises 36 metres above sea level and offers spectacular views of the sea and the forest. The pine forest is dotted with convenient picnic benches so you can take a break and enjoy the calm.

En person cykla längs en stig.
Photo: Mikael Strand

Vallåsen Bike park

On the border between Halland and Skåne lies Vallåsen Bike Park, one of Sweden’s best parks for downhill mountain biking. On the northern slope of Hallandsåsen, there are dozens of with varying degrees of difficulty.

En person i röd tröja gör ett hopp i downhillbanan
It’s not all downhill at the Vallåsen bike park in Halland.Photo: Kristoffer Hilmersson

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