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Kattegattleden is ‘Cycling Trail of the Year, 2018’

We think that Kattegattleden is gorgeous, but we are not alone. At the Cycling & Hiking Fair in Utrecht in the Netherlands, Kattegattleden claimed top spot as ‘Cycling Track of the Year’ in 2018.

Written by Lisa Söderholm
Lisa Söderholm Redaktör och friluftsälskare

For the first time ever, a Swedish bicycle trail has claimed top honour as the ‘Cycling Trail of the Year’. The Kattlegattleden trail won the hearts and minds of the jury, despite stiff competition from Green Velo in Poland, the Meuse trail in France and ViaRhona in France/Switzerland.

Två personer cyklar på en cykelbana med havet i bakgrunden.
Hurrah. Kattegattleden is ‘Cycling Track of the Year, 2018’.Photo: Oskar Albrektson

Kattegattleden, which starts at Helsingborg in the south and snakes all the way up Halland’s gorgeous coast to Gothenburg in the north, is a deserving winner. And nobody is more thrilled than us. As you pedal up the trail, you can literally smell the salt in the air from the nearby sea. And while the trail skirts the coast, you’re never too far from some of the most charming cafes and restaurants in Sweden. If you want to stay awhile, you’ll be happy to learn the there are ample boarding houses to rest for the night. Passing through small towns, quaint fishing villages and fascinating beaches, this is 270 kms of unadulterated cycling fun.

En person står med sin långfärdscykel och blickar ut över havet.
Take a break from cycling, stay awhile and enjoy the surroundings along the beautiful Kattegattleden.Photo: Oskar Albrektson
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