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15 restaurants in the White Guide

It’s not just great food that makes for a great restaurant visit. It’s the memorable experience you have when the ambience, the quality of the service, and the understanding the story behind the food all come together wonderfully. White Guide lists the Nordic region's best restaurants and we’re delighted to say that no less than 15 restaurants from Halland have made the cut in 2018.

Written by Lisa Söderholm
Lisa Söderholm Redaktör och friluftsälskare

Every year, White Guide lists Sweden’s best restaurants. There are several restaurants from Halland that feature on this list for your dining pleasure. So where do you begin then? Well, how about sampling some authentic Napolitan pizza in Falkenberg. Or experimenting with goat meat at John’s Place in Apelviken. Then there’s this charming little place in the middle of the forest that serves food cooked over an open fire. Read on and get spoilt for choice.

Borden i uteserveringen är fyllda av människor i olika åldrar som äter pizza.
In summer, you can sit outside and enjoy your pizza at Lilla Napoli. And if you close your eyes, you can actually belive you are in Naples.Foto: Lisa Söderholm
  • Prostens Pizza, Falkenberg
  • Ocean Hotel, Falkenberg
  • Stedsans in the Woods, Hyltebruk
  • Hummër Grill & Bar, Halmstad
  • Strandhotellet, Mellbystrand

At Stedsans in the Woods all food is cooked over open fire. But the food here is anything but primitive.
Foto: Skovdal Nordic
John’s Place is right on the beach and is a great place for a meal no matter what the weather.Photo: Kristin Lagerqvist
  • Majas vid Havet, Varberg
  • Restaurang Ester, Kungsbacka
  • Strandpensionatet Hotell och restaurang, Skummeslövstrand
  • Köket Falkenberg
  • Söderfamiljen, Halmstad
At Söderfamilien, every dish has a secret ingredient: passion.Photo: Lisa Söderholm
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