Foto: Oskar Albrektson

Freedom to Roam

Go for a long hike in the wilderness, pedal your mountain bike through dense woods, ski the trails, pitch a tent in a forest clearing, pick as much fruits and mushrooms as you can carry. Nature offers dozens of exciting experience and you have the right to enjoy it free of charge

Written by Lisa Söderholm
Lisa Söderholm Redaktör och friluftsälskare

When you are in Sweden you have the right to walk, cycle, ride, ski and camp on any land with the exception of private gardens, near a dwelling house or land under cultivation. We call it the Freedom to Roam. So climb that hill, pitch a tent by the lake or in a forest clearing, take a stroll in a rolling meadow or stop to pick berries and fruits. It’s all completely free. All you need to have is a healthy respect for the environment and for the animals that live here. To make it easier for you to understand this, we have a simple, four-word rule: don’t disturb, don’t destroy.

your friend, the forest

Show a healthy regard and respect for nature when you’re out and about. That’s the most important rule (and easy to remember) rule. For instance, if you’re going to fire up the BBQ, look for fallen cones, twigs and branches for your fire. You may not cut down trees or shrubs or remove twigs, branches or bark from living trees. Also, fallen trees must not be used for fuel. If you are going to BBQ, check if there are any fire bans in place in the area you’re in. Of course, the best and safest is to grill on prepared fireplaces or use small, disposable grills.


Pro tip: If you cook it over an open fire, it will taste better.Photo: Lisa Söderholm

living in nature

The whole purpose of camping is to have one heck of an adventure and find things to do that are different and exciting. The Swedish Freedom to Roam let’s you go camping pretty much anywhere in Sweden – as long as it’s not someone’s backyard, pasture or farm. There are literally thousands of cozy, secluded spots in the woods that are perfect for pitching your tent. So go ahead and nail those tent pegs, light a bonfire and bring out the sleeping bags. In Halland, there are some excellent nature reserves that we would like you to experience. And there’s a whole lot of information about that you can and cannot do in those reserves. Just give it a quick check if you’re not sure.

Get out into the forest with your family, pick mushrooms, put on the kettle and fix a sandwich. There’s no bliss like it.

Photo: Lisa Söderholm

pick from nature’s pantry

It’s the largest supermarket you can imagine, where the produce is fresh, nutritious, tasty and available in abundance. And it’s completely, utterly free.

Welcome to our countryside where you can forage for mushrooms, berries and all kinds of fruits. Bring a large bucket and pick as much as you want. You can take back a bonanza of fruits and berries that are perfect for making jams, cakes, pies, desserts and whatever other recipes Grandma may have left you. The mushrooms are ideal for grilling, making sandwiches or stews.

Mushroom picking pro tip: Some mushrooms are not fit for eating and can make you ill. Buy a handy book on mushrooms that you can take out with you when you’re foraging so you can identify edible varieties.

And when you’re out there in the woods, on the beach or in a nature reserve in Halland, look around and celebrate the fact that this wonderful bounty of nature is for everyone.

In Halland, nature has an OPEN sign all year round. Drop by if you’re in the area.Photo: Oskar Albrektson
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