Husbil på semester utmed hallands vackra kust.
Foto: Philip Liljenberg

Seaside camping in Halland

In Halland, you’ll discover a number of seaside camping sites that offer exhilarating experiences. Whether you fancy a refreshing swim before breakfast or a cooling dip as the sun gently sinks into the sea.

Written by Agneta Kristiansson
Agneta Kristiansson Skribent

Some of the campsites are set directly on the coast, with a direct view of the sea. Some others are a distance away with paths leading up through the sand dunes. No matter which site you pick, you can be sure you’ll go back with memories for a lifetime.

Photo: Philip Liljenberg

Pearl of the west coast

Marias Camping is the pearl of Sweden’s west coast. When you venture southwards in Halland, you come to the city of Laholm that boasts Halland’s oldest city centre. The campsite is located right by the 12 km long sandy beach, and is framed by beautiful birch hedges that give it a very cozy atmosphere.  It is an ideal site if you’re travelling with family. Within walking distance from the camping there are restaurants, golf- and tennis courses and jogging trails in the nearby nature reserve.

Photo: Philip Liljenberg

With nightlife nearby

If you’re a bit of a party animal and want to enjoy nightlife, First Camp Tylösand is your choice for camping in Halmstad. Just 300 meters from one of Sweden’s most popular beaches, First Camp Tylösand has a cool location that’s hard to beat. The 7 km long sandy beach is a paradise for all sea lovers. Do note that the winds here are perfect for surfing so bring your boards along.

Popular family camping

If you take the coastal road north of Halmstad, Haverdal Camping will magically appear on your left. This is a popular family camping site with a long sandy beach that’s surrounded by high dunes and clear blue waters.It’s close to the popular Kattegattleden, Europe’s best cycling trail for 2018 and the Lynga nature reserve with magical trollish sea forest and Scandinavia’s highest sand dune. It’s the perfect campsite for an active family that loves the forest, the sea and nature.

The best location by far

Ugglarps Camping is nestled by the long coastal road between Halmstad and Falkenberg. It’s a magnificent location that overlooks the sea. Here, you can camp or stay in a cottage high above the waterline. The sea and land meet in a magical landscape that gently blends the sandy beach with thick forests and rolling fields. You’ll find that the sea either crashes against rugged cliffs or on fine sandy beaches. Bring along a picnic hamper. We promise the food will taste unbelievably good when it’s spiked with sea breeze.

Photo: Philip Liljenberg

Since the beginning of the 20th century, people have been making the pilgrimage to Falkenberg for it’s spectacular locale and to find inner peace. Along with pristine nature and the vibrant sea nearby, Falkenberg is a food destination you do not want to miss. In 2018, Falkenberg got the distinction as the first destination ever to be awarded with “This year’s Worth a Trip” by the White Guide restaurant directory.

The sea as your nearest neighbour

Four kilometres south of Falkenberg lies Hansagårds Camping with the sea as the nearest neighbour. When you camp here, you can go for a refreshing swim before breakfast or end the day with a long leisurely evening walk to watch the sun set into the sea. One of Sweden’s best crab fishing spots – Bastuholmen, is right next door and is quite popular with adventurous children.

One of the most visited

Not far from Falkenberg center, Skrea Camping is one of the most visited camp sites on west coast. Just a stone’s throw away from popular Skrea beach, this location makes it ideal for those who want proximity to both the buzz of the city and the gentle calm of the sea. Skrea beach is lined with high sand dunes adorned with rosehip shrubs. There’s a bathing pier from where you can dive right into the sea. Other points of interest close by are the Gekås shopping center in Ullared, Vallarna’s cozy open-air theatre and Kålle Gunnarsson’s annual Astrid Lindgren performances in the Nya Teatergläntan.

Camping that dates back to the 60’s

Between Falkenberg and Varberg lies Olofsbo Camping, a family campsite that dates back to the 1960s. Here you can camp by the sea, just a short walk from Sweden’s finest beaches. On Olofsbo beach the sand is soft, the sand dunes are high and the rocky patches at the end of the beach offer the perfect spot for crab fishing – perfect if you’re travelling with children. If you’re a spur of the moment traveller, this is the campsite for your as they offer spots for drop ins.

Photo: Philip Liljenberg

Just a short distance away is Varberg, a beautiful coastal town with much to offer. This is the city you can’t visit without taking a customary dip in the sea, regardless of the season. If you think a winter swim is too much to handle, you can settle for a warm soothing bath indoors at one of the city’s well-appointed spas.

Luxury camping on Apelviken

Just off the coast and not far from Varberg center you will find Apelviken Camping. Along with a sensational seaside environment, this 5-star campsite offers an exciting pool area with water activities and windsurfing courses. There are also two restaurants that offer a variety of cuisine and lively evenings with karaoke and live music.

Three minutes to the beach

Just north of Varberg, about 200 meters to the sea lies First Camp Kärradal in a picturesque spot between sea and city. Take a short walk and you’ll encounter stunning views from the beach. If you’re bursting with energy, they have a ping pong table, a boule court and a soccer field. If you’ve got children along, there’s a playground with a trampoline.

Photo: Philip Liljenberg

Freshwater pool? Dip in the sea? Get both

Set between Varberg and Kungsbacka, Stråvalla Camping is close to nature and only a kilometre and a half from the sea. Here you can choose between swimming in the sea’s or in the area’s own swimming pool. At Stråvalla Camping you get your own private bathroom with both toilet and shower. When you camp here, you are close to the shopping mall Gekås in Ullared and the beautiful hinterland towns of Varberg and Kungsbacka. Halland’s northernmost city Kungsbacka is famous for it’s sshopping. You can buy clothes, furnishings, fabrics or just about anything else here.

Where the gentle beach meets hard rocks

Åsa Camping is located in the middle of the small town of Åsa and is only 150 meters from the sea. This means you’re just a short walk from some of the finest bakeries, cafes and shops in the area – making your stay just that much more pleasant. Here, southern Halland’s soft sandy beaches meet northern Halland’s majestic rocky coast. So you get the best of both worlds.

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