Översiktsbild över Rosendal strand
Foto: Destination Falkenberg

Where can you find Sweden's finest beaches? In Halland, of course.

Written by Lisa Söderholm
Lisa Söderholm Redaktör och friluftsälskare

It is no secret that many of Sweden’s finest beaches are in Halland. Tylösand, Apelviken and Skrea beach are well-known and popular favourites offering unforgettable seaside experiences. But there are other, little-known gems in Halland, where if you’re lucky, you can get the entire beach for yourself. Whether you prefer beaches that stretch endlessly, small natural beaches where you won’t find another soul for miles, sun-kissed rocky beaches or beaches with gently undulating sand dunes, you will find it in Halland.

Come to Halland for the beaches; stay for the BBQs, the sand castles and the swimming. We’re confident you’ll have a wonderful summer.


Tylösand – arguably Sweden’s best beach

There is no beach in the whole of Sweden that is as spectacular as Tylösand. At least this is what all Swedes will say. This was confirmed in a survey conducted by Kantar SIFO, one of Sweden’s leading opinion and social research firm where Tylösand was voted Sweden’s best beach. Perhaps this is the reason why Tylösand is also one of Sweden’s most visited beaches. On some summer days, this beach can get up to 50,000 visitors. Every day, from Midsummer to mid-August, they have lifeguards on duty to make sure visitors have a safe day at the beach. You will find seven kilometres of undulating sand dunes, shallow waters, music in the air and smiling beach-goers all summer long. Don’t miss this gem in Halland.

Två barn leker i sanddyner.
Tylösands is Sweden’s finest beach. Photo: Oskar Albrektson


Surfing and swimming at Apelviken beach

Apelviken beach is a sandy beach that goes on and on with cliffs to the north and a bathing jetty in the south. It is also very popular with surfers, often cited as one of Sweden’s best places for surfing. All along the beach you will find plenty of inviting restaurants, lounges and cafés with a fantastic beach vibe. Alongside the beach, there’s a walking and cycling path that leisurely winds its way into Varberg town centre, which is a mere three kilometres away.

En vindsurfare går längs Apelvikens strand
A windsurfer prepares to test the waters at Apelviken


Fun and frolic at Skrea beach

Skrea is a shallow, child-friendly beach that is also one of Sweden’s most popular summer spots. The beach stretches for a goodish two kilometres with soft sand dunes on one side and sparkling waters on the other. Head out to the swimming jetty for a relaxing dip in the sea before you head out to savour a leisurely lunch at any of the several al-fresco dining places that are open for business during summers.

Två barn hoppar i vattnet från badbryggan.
At Skrea you can pick between a swimming jetty and a long sandy beach.
Photo: Destination Falkenberg


Swim at Fästningsbadet in the middle of Varberg

Fästningsbadet is a newly established swim spot right in the centre of Varberg. There’s a sun deck, a swimming jetty and jumping tower and plenty of options for splashing in the shallows and swimming in deep water here.

Drönarbild över Fästningsbadet
Fästningsbadet in Varberg has a sun deck and a jumping tower on its jetty.
Photo: Marie Hidvi


Mellbystrand – Sweden’s longest sandy beach

Mellbystrand has the distinction of being Sweden’s longest sandy beach, so there’s plenty of room for your family and friends. The sand dunes here are perfect for picnics and building castles. The fine sandy beach stretches as far as the eye can see and when the wind is up, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better windsurfing spot than Mellbystrand.

Fyra personer sitter i varsin brassestol och solar på en full strand.
Mellbystrand – Sweden’s longest sandy beach. Photo: Christel Lind


Olofsbo beach – a family favourite

Olofsbo is a child-friendly beach is situated just north of Falkenberg. You’ll find clear waters fringed by powder white sands and towering dunes here. If you are a fan of crab fishing, the marina or the rocky ends of the beach are two perfect spots to test your skills.

Vy över stranden i Olofsbo
Child-friendly Olofsbo beach, where the water is clear and the sand is powder-white.
Photo: Destination Falkenberg
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