en vuxen och ett barn promenerar vid havet.
Foto: Philip Liljenberg

Three seaside nature reserves

There is something quite magical about nature around the sea. The beauty and the serenity with the waves gently lapping the shores has to be experienced to be believed. All along the coast of Halland you will find enchanting dunes that flank the seashore, along with pine trees and hedges.

Written by Lisa Söderholm
Lisa Söderholm Redaktör och friluftsälskare

Over thousands of years, the wind and the waves have chiselled the Halland coastline into soaring dunes, beaches as far as the eye can see and secret groves and forests. The ocean makes it presence felt everywhere. Sometimes it’s calm and serene, and at other times you can witness it’s wild fury.

beautiful views in Grimsholmen

Grimsholmen is not your typical coastal area. It’s teeming with diverse flora and fauna, so if you’re interested in nature and animals, there’s no other place you’d rather be. There are several beaches to choose from. Pick your favourite and go for an early morning dip. Or just lounge back on the sand and enjoy the crisp sea breeze.

Två får betar på strandängen och i bakgrunden syns havet.
Grimsholmen has a never ending horizon.Photo: Destination Falkenberg

sweden’s highest sand dune

Where else can you take a gentle stroll from the beach and land up in the middle of a forest, but in Haverdal nature reserve. You will also find Sweden’s highest sand dune, the ‘Stora Sandkullen’ which rises 36 metres above sea level and offers spectacular views of the sea and the forest. The pine forest is dotted with convenient picnic benches so you can take a break and enjoy the calm.

Sweden’s highest sand dune can be found in Haverdal’s nature reserve. Photo: Robin Söderholm

beautiful trails in Höka nature reserve

The Höka nature reserve that lies along the bay of Laholm offers beautiful walks over sprawling dunes and through dense pine forests. There are several marked hiking trails in the reserve. On every hike, you’re guaranteed to come across the rich flora and fauna that is so typical of this sandy environment.

The Höka nature reserve has both pine forests and majestic dunes.
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