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Halland's restaurants in the White Guide

A rewarding restaurant visit is more than just about the food. It is about the entire dining experience – the ambience, the mood, the ingredients, and the personality of the establishment. White Guide is a respected authority on restaurants in the Nordic region. In 2019 no less than 12 restaurants from Halland have made the cut and are featured in the White Guide.

Written by Lisa Söderholm
Lisa Söderholm Redaktör och friluftsälskare

Every year, White Guide lists Sweden’s finest restaurants. If you’re in Halland, you we’ve made it easier for you to visit all the places on the list here. Of course, you still have difficult task of deciding where to start. Should you indulge your pizza cravings in Falkenberg? Or are you game for some goat meat in Falkenberg? How about dinner cooked over an open fire?

Exciting combos at Prostens Pizza, Falkenberg

Lisa Lemke and Marcus Nordgren live at Prästgården in Skrea Backe outside Falkenberg; Prostens Pizza is their second home. This establishment, according to many, serves some of the best pizzas in all of Sweden. If you’re in the mood for some Italian-style rustic pizzas, make a beeline for this place. You can eat on the go, or stay back for the evening, and pair some interesting drinks with your pizza. Either way, you’re guaranteed a remarkable time.

Ett par personer sitter utomhus runt ett bord och äter pizza.
Pay a visit to celebrity chef Lisa Lemke at Prostens Pizza.

Photo: Destination Falkenberg

Ocean Hotel, Falkenberg – where the sea is your nearest neighbour

Is the restaurant at Ocean Hotel award-winning because it is popular? Or is it the other way around? With the sea as its closest neighbor and menus that change with the seasons, this is an experience you must not miss when you’re in Halland. You can lean back and watch the sun go down into the sea while enjoying some of the finest dining on the west coast of Sweden. Pro tip: In the summer, the terrace opens up creating a lovely atmosphere that you have to absolutely experience.

Natural food experience at Stedsans in the Woods, Hyltebruk

When you have reputed names like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal singing your praises, you know you can’t go wrong. Stedsans in the Woods lies deep in the middle of a forest in Halland. This is as rustic as it gets – the food is cooked over an open fire; guests are housed in Bedouin tents or in wooden cabins by the lake. Stedsan in the Woods was located in Copenhagen and was one of Denmark’s most popular restaurants. But now they have moved to Hyltebruk and offer a gastronomic experience extraordinaire.

Tre personer ställer iordning maten inför servering.
At Stedsans in the woods, your dinner is cooked over an open fire.

Photo: Skovdal Nordic

Top-notch dining in a classic setting at Pio Matsal & Bar, Halmstad

Pio is a real classic where the chefs work with locally produced and organic ingredients. The structure where the restaurant is housed is from the mid-1800s;  the walls here are steeped in history and tradition. For close to 50 years, they have served the classic plank steak, which was as popular then as it is now. But despite the many years they have been around, Pio is not shy of changes and trends; they always like to stay abreast of trends, tastes and are always willing and ready to innovate.

Dine at Gastrobar Rådhustorget No: 1A, Falkenberg

The bar takes center stage at this establishment. Rådhustorget No: 1A is a gastrobar that blends classic bar culture with fine dining refinement. The best thing is that you don’t have to book a table; just swing by with friends, colleagues or family. If the place is busy, you can always sit at the bar with a glass of bubbly, a tall cold one or a glass of robust red wine.

Uteserveringen är fylld.
The Gastrobar Rådhustorget is as unpretentious as it gets.

Photo: Destination Falkenberg

Restaurant Gustaf Bratt, Falkenberg

When Gustaf Bratt is not dishing out delicious food, it doubles as a nightclub. When the weather is right, the outdoor courtyard stages gigs with live bands and lays out a barbecue buffet. You can dig into classic BBQ and fresh seafood. The emphasis here is on fresh ingredients and they wholly support local food producers. Whether you want to nibble on cold cuts, savour an exquisite dinner or just kick back at the bar with a classic cocktail – this is a place you must not miss.

Bild på tegelstensfasaden till restaurang Gustaf Bratt i Falkenberg.
Eat a quick snack, enjoy a tasting menu or just hang out at the bar – take your pick at Gustaf Bratt.

Photo: Destination Falkenberg

Eat freshwater fish at Tiraholm’s Fisk, Unnaryd

Fried, grilled or smoked – at Tiraholms Fisk you can enjoy some of the finest freshwater fish plucked from lake Bolmen’s clean waters. (The fishing is sustainable and carried out with environmentally-friendly fishing equipment.) In summers, they throw open an outdoor seating area where you can sit enjoy your food under a warm sun. They also have a farmshop where you can buy  everything from smoked rainbow trout and eel to pike burgers.

Bild på en person som håller fram en bricka med fisk.
Picture of a person holding a tray of fish.

Tiraholm is Sweden’s only 100% freshwater fish restaurant.

Photo: Tiraholm’s Fisk

Dinner right on the beach at John’s Place, Varberg

There’s something extraordinary about John’s Place. With excellent food and an unmatched location, it is not difficult to understand why. The restaurant has a superb location, right on Apelviken beach; the food is cooked over an open fire. The menus are seasonal so the ingredients are sourced when they are at their best. In the summer, the sprawling terrace invites you to relax with friends and family. In the winters, a blazing fire in the hearth keeps you cozy when the wind is blowing outside.

Bild på entrén till restaurangen. Ovanför dörren står Johns Place med stora bokstäver.
Johns Place is smack on the beach and is a great place to drop by all year round.

Photo: Kristin Lagerqvist

Food and music at Majas Vid Havet, Varberg

Good music sets the mood, and excellent food takes it up several notches.

At Majas Vid Havet (Majas by the sea), they’ve discovered this secret formula. (Another secret is their organic vegetable and herb garden which keeps them constantly supplied with all the fresh ingredients they need.) Musicwise, they host bands and artistes that are both well-established and yet to be discovered.

Fresh seafood at Joel’s Brygga

Träslövsläge is a sleepy fishing village just outside Varberg and is home Joel’s Brygga, a seafood restaurant. This is as close to the sea as you can get. All the fish and seafood is freshly caught. All the ingredients that go with it is sourced locally. At Joel’s Brygga, they are as fanatical about sustainability and the environment as they are about the food. As the founders say, “anyone can cook good food, but to cook a really great meal requires passion.”

Exciting experience at the Köket Falkenberg

At Falkenbergs Strandbad you will find the small restaurant, the Köket (the Kitchen) that serves remarkable tasting menus. Here, the dining experience is is innovative, daring, creative and an absolute delight for the senses. The team that manages the Köket is driven by passion for food, wine and the culinary craft, You are guaranteed a world-class guest experience ­–  something that you will never forget.

Medarbetarna i Köket har fullt upp i köket.
The Köket in Falkenberg offers an unforgettable dining experience.

Photo: The Köket

Love for good food at Söderfamiljen, Halmstad

At Söderfamiljen, (which translates to Southern family) there are no yawning gaps between tables. This means that should you so desire it, you can have a pleasant conversation with guests at a nearby table. The cuisine varies with the seasons but you’ll be sure to find something that excites you. The menu is eclectic and inspired by the kitchen team’s travels around the world. Drop by for an exciting time when you’re in their corner of the planet.

Solen lyser in genom fönstret och restaurang Söderfamiljen är fylld med människor.
At the Söderfamiljen, the secret sauce in all their food is love and passion.

Photo: Lisa Söderholm

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