En person och utsikten över Hiaklitten
Foto: Tony Öien

Halland's most stunning views

Written by Sebastian Marcusson
Sebastian Marcusson

In Halland you don’t have to venture too far for the open vistas. There are dozens of picnic spots that dot the landscape here. The sweeping landscape in Halland offers dramatic views as you stare far into the horizon, perched on a rock or a hill. Naturally, the food tends to always taste better when the view is so spectacular.


Skipås Nature Reserve is all rolling pastures and forests with soaring beech trees. The area’s varied nature is easily accessible which makes it a popular excursion destination. There are winding paths that lead to hidden adventures. From the Klippekull you can get a sweeping, uninterrupted view of the ocean.

View from the Kattegatt.Photo: Robin Söderholm


At 70 meters above sea level, Virsehatt is a perfect little hilltop. There are stairs that take you to the top so you can get up there and enjoy gorgeous views of Halmstad. Another exciting thing about Virsehatt is that you can explore the ruins of an ancient castle (from the Iron Age, we’re told). Virsehatt is in Halland’s very first nature reserve that was opened way back in 1936.

The view from Virsehatt is striking.Photo: Åse Ahlstrand


Smörkullen is a mountain located in the nature reserve Smörkull south of Falkenberg. It offers a great combination of nature experiences and everyday adventures. You can take your pick of three trails that lead up to the mountain; all are relatively easy to follow. Be warned though. It does get a little steep in places, but there are cleverly placed wooden rails you can use to haul yourself up. And boy, is it worth the effort. You’re rewarded with some pretty spectacular views all the way up to the Halland coast, when you’re up there.

Utsikt över skog och hav
South of Falkenberg lies Smörkullen a 52 meter high hill that offers amazing views of the coast of Halland. Photo: Åse Ahlstrand

Fjärås bräcka

Sixty meters above sea level lies Fjärås Bräcka, an island formation. From here you have breath-taking view of both the sea and Halland’s largest lake, Lygnern. The area is ribboned with beautiful hiking and walking trails. Up the hill is also Naturum Fjärås Bräcka where you can walk about a permanent exhibition that showcases the local nature and culture of the place. And  or course, there’s an organic café which serves snacks and coffee dripping with natural goodness.

Tre personer med färgglada jackor vandrar på Fjärås Bräcka.
Up at Fjärås Bräcka you can enjoy fantastic views of the Kungsbackafjord. Photo: Göran Assner


There’s no better place to experience Swedish nature than at Hjörnered lake.  Follow the path up to Spishall and you are suddenly at highest point of the area. Wondering about what to do there? Well, there’s a BBQ pit are for some au natural grilling and a wind-shelter in case it gets a little too breezy for comfort. On good days, you can see all the way to the coast. Fire up the grill, throw on some sausages and enjoy a picnic before continuing along the hiking trail.

En person står och ser ut över en sjö.
Hjörnered’s highest point is called Spishall. From here you have a view all the way to Halland coast. Photo: Lisa Söderholm
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