Bild på kallbadhuset i Varberg med vågorna runtom och med molning himmel.
Foto: Philip Liljenberg

Your guide to Varberg - 10 tips you should not miss

Written by Agneta Kristiansson
Agneta Kristiansson Skribent

Varberg is the coastal town close to everything and with a wonderful mix of sea, culture, shopping and city life. In the summer months, Varberg is something of a surfmobile and a place where your people flee to experience the wonderful life around the surf, sea and coast. But also the second months of the year, Varberg has something exciting to offer the whole family. Here are some wonderful Varberg tips from us, please visit for more tips and more inspiration.

Experience beautiful Kallbadhuset

Kallbadhuset is an unusually beautiful building where it dramatically triggers itself against the endless blue sea between the fortress and the harbor in Varberg. Here you can enjoy the year round by soothing and cool sea breezes with subsequent heating in the sauna. On the other hand, you do not need to bathe or bathe to appreciate the cold bath, but this is a place worth a visit to admire the view, take a nice waffle fan, beckoned by the amazing architecture or snap of the camera to capture the holiday’s Instagram image.

Spännande bild på kallbadhuset i Varberg med dramatisk moln och vecker träbro.
Exciting picture of the cold bath house in Varberg with dramatic clouds and sweeping wooden bridge.Varbergs cold bath house is one of the west coast’s pearls and something you should not miss on your visit to Varberg.Photo: Philip Liljenberg

Walk along the promenade

If you are in Varberg, it is almost a must to take a strolling walk along the seafront. From here you have a fantastic view of the sea line regardless of the season. If you go from the fortress you have 2.5 km of lovely walk in front of you with sandy beach, rocks, nude baths, bridges and beautiful cafes. The promenade is also the perfect place to sit down for a few coffe or a little beach bus.

Visit the Fortress and Hallands Cultural History Museum

Varberg’s fortress stands as a proud patron right next to the harbor entrance and is a powerful building that does not pass any visitor. Here, the wings of history take hold of you and for you back to a time when Varberg needed to fight for his cause. Nowadays, even though medieval days come a few days a year for medium-time winds, it is much calmer. Inside the courtyard there is the entrance to Halland’s Cultural History Museum, where among others the Bockstensmann, one of Europe’s best-preserved Middle Ages, is found. There are also dark prison caves to visit on guided walks, or just simply sit down on a crown at the top and enjoy the magic views.

Solen lyser, sommarklädda människor promenerar på vägen upp mot Varbergs Fästning. Långt bort i horisonten syns havet.
The sun shines, summer-dressed people walk on the way up to Varbergs Fortress. Far from the horizon, the sea is visible.In Varbergs fortress there is Halland’s Cultural History Museum and here you can check out the medieval man Bockstensmannen.

Stroll around the societal park

In the middle of the societal park is the social center, which was built in 1883, and is now built-in. The house has got its name from its early years as this was a club for wealthy people. Nowadays there are two different restaurants, night club, outdoor scene and in the rest of the park there is a rosewood garden, a popular playground and a minigolf facility with two 18-hole courses. This is simply a park with something to discover for everyone.

Experience the square shop at Varbergs Torg

Varbergs square is the heart of city life and, like most other squares, worth a visit. Here the fashion shop flourishes and every Wednesday and Saturday – year round – filled the square with colorful flowers, fruit, green and a crowd of people. Varbergs square is widely known throughout the country and is one of Sweden’s largest to the surface and also has the most square dealers in western Sweden.

Torghandel på Varbergs torg med färgsprakande blommor.
Torghandel on Varbergs square with colorful flowers. Varbergs Torg is one of Sweden’s largest squares and the vibrant trade is well worth a visit.Photo: Oskar Albrektsson

Food made over open fire at Johns Place

In the middle of Apelviken’s beach lies Johns Place. Here the food is cooked over open fire and the menus are seasonally based so the ingredients are used when they are the best. In summer, the terrace invites to a beautiful hang and the fireplace warms well when the wind is outside the window. Here you will find all the ingredients for achieving a truly successful seaside town feel with the sea’s wine, open fire and real food.

Bild på entrén till restaurangen. Ovanför dörren står Johns Place med stora bokstäver.
Picture of the entrance to the restaurant. Above the door is Johns Place in uppercase letters. Johns Place is right on the beach and is cozy to visit regardless of the weather.Photo: Kristin Lagerqvist

A Caribbean Gem – Hotel Havana Cuisine & Bar

Hotel Havana is a truly unique experience, a Caribbean gem in the middle of the west coast. Here you can flip Cuban hand-rolled cigarettes, sample some of the 120 different types of rooms available, enjoy savory food or sit down to read a book from the crowd. In the restaurant itself, hotel guests are mixed with spontaneous visitors and even to the living room are everyone who wants to settle down for a while and enjoy the atmosphere, warmly welcomed.

Slow fashion & unique products on the FGL showroom

On Birger Svensson Road in Varberg, in a newly renovated brick building, you will find a showroom and a meeting place called FGL store – For good luck. Here you will find clothing, accessories and furnishings, all carefully chosen, made in small pieces for a durable wardrobe. Mixed with slow fashion and unique products, you’ll also find yoga events, lectures and a passionate commitment to society’s vulnerable. The women behind the shop, Kristin and MirandaRebecca are now well-known Hallandian faces with popular social channels and with unique expressions and beautiful pictures.

Bild innifrån fglshowroom
Picture from within fglshowroom. In Varberg is the showroom Fgl Store.Here you will find clothing, accessories and furnishings, all carefully chosen and made in small pieces, a unique store that you can not miss.

Photo: Kristin Lagerqvist

Enjoy spa at Asia Spa

No visit to Varberg without a wonderful spa experience. On the top floor of Varbergs city hotel, Asia Spa boasts a 2300 sqm of tranquil atmosphere with stunning views of the sea and the fortress. In this unique Asian atmosphere you can enjoy beautiful spa treatments and beneficial treatments. Sink down in the Japanese sources, rest your eyes on the horizon and Varbergs fortress and enjoy the peace.

Fried croissants at the Coastal Bakery

On Skeppsgatan 10 down the harbor in Varberg, it is now well-known Kustbageriet. This is where you go to buy crispy croissants, rustic sourdough bread, juicy fruit bread and sweet vanilla buns with self-cooked vanilla cream. Here everything is baked from the ground with love and accuracy of organic flour from the area. Fill a bag of goodies to take along to the promenade or the park to experience Varberg with all the senses.

Bild på bullar och bröd.
At Kustbageriet you can buy bread and buns with organic flour from Halland.Photo: Lisa Söderholm
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