Jämte Kungsbackaån ligger flera uteserveringar
Foto: Visit Kungsbacka

Your guide to Kungsbacka – 10 top tips

Written by Lisa Söderholm
Lisa Söderholm Redaktör och friluftsälskare

Kungsbacka has long been one of west Sweden’s most important trading centers. It is no different today. Take a leisurely stroll through cobblestoned streets dotted with picturesque homes, buy farm-fresh fruit and vegetables at one of Sweden’s oldest market squares, shop for delicacies in a country shop from 1940, shop at Sweden’s finest city gallery, walk along Kungsbackaån or try your hand at fishing for salmon. We’ve put together a selection of tips on what you can do in Kungsbacka. Of course, there’s a lot more to this wonderful place and you’ll plenty of inspiration at visitkungsbacka.se.

  1. Experience a real market square

The first Thursday of every month sees a big market come up Kungsbacka square. This happens throughout the all year, as it has indeed been happening for the last…wait for it….600 years. You will find dozens of stalls jostling for space here stocking fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, food and drink, clothes, crafts items, curious and more.

Marknadsstånd på torget framför kyrkan.
The market in Kungsbacka has a tradition going back 600 years.Photo: Anna Rehnberg

Kaffebaren in Kungsbacka

Kaffebaren or coffee bar is a cozy cafe in the middle of Kungsbacka. Here you can sample some amazing coffee and even get a light lunch. They serve delicious salads, bowls, avocado pies, juices, and lots of other delicacies

They also have several gluten-free and vegan options.

Två sallader och juicer på ett bord.
At the Kaffebaren in Kungsbacka you will find a lot more than just coffee.Photo: Kaffebaren

Cosa Home Stories, home of good design

Cosa Home Stories is an extraordinary furniture and lifestyle store in Kungsbacka. Here you’ll find a hand-picked range with pieces that represent the epitome of design and elegance. Be it design classics, well-known brands or smaller furniture companies from both Scandinavia and the rest of the world, you will find it all here.

Bröd & Bakverk in Gamla Stationshuset

Gamla Stationshuset or old station house in Kungsbacka is home to Bröd & Bakverk or Bread & Pastry, a cozy patisserie. You can feast on freshly baked buns, baguettes, croissants and sourdough bread all created using local produce. The milk comes from Wapnö farm and the flour comes from Berte Qvarn and the Limabacka flour mill.

More than potatoes at Potatiskällaren

Potatiskällaren or The Potato Cellar is a grocery store with a sense of country trade. As is obvious, you will find a varieties of potatoes here. But that’s not all. You will also find their shelves laden with tea, coffee, honey, eggs, pasta, and oils. The live counter stocks a variety of cheese, salami, olives and other delicacies. While the emphasis is to stock local produce to support local growers and suppliers, you will also find carefully selected items from Italy, Spain and Greece.

Interiörbild på potatiskällaren.At Potatiskällaren you will interesting delicacies beyond the humble potato.
Photo: Potatiskällaren

Lunch at Storgatan 1

At Storgatan 1 you can enjoy lovely homestyle cooking in a cozy 19th century environment. With a spoonful of finesse, a healthy dash of love and a smile on the lips, tasty dishes are prepared using only the finest local ingredients. Classics such as cabbage, plaice and meatloaf are often seen on the menu. On Sundays, you can feast on a lavish brunch spread here.

Bröderna Nilsson, just like the old times

When you step through the door to Storgatan 16 it is like traveling back to a country store from 1940. The ever helpful staff, all dressed in spiffy white coats, serve you in the traditional style from behind the counter. For almost 80 years, they have been purveyors of fine cheese, tea and other delicacies in Kungsbacka.

Shop at Sweden’s best city gallery

It’s so useful to find everything you need in one place. And even more convenient when it is in the middle of town. A short walk from the city centre is the Kungsmässan mall. Here you will find over 90 different stores, cafés and restaurants and it has been designated Sweden’s best city gallery for several years.

Bild på entrén till Kungsmässan
Kungsmässan in Kungsbacka has been named Sweden’s best city gallery several years in a rowPhoto: Visit Kungsbacka

Try your hand at fishing in the middle of town

After an eventful day of shopping and taking in the busy city life, it’s time for a relaxing stroll along the Kungsbacka River. You can also try your hand at fishing here. Fishing licenses are available at the Kungsbacka Tourist Office. (Children under the age of 12 fish for free.) This is one of Halland’s best spots to net sea trout, but you can also get a salmon, pike, perch or whitefish on the hook here.

Längs Kungsbackaån står flera båtar förtöjda
Kungsbackaån is not just perfect for a stroll; it’s also an excellent fishing spot.Photo: Visit Kungsbacka

Wonderful views of Kungsbacka

A short walk from the center is Kungsbacka’s first water tower and Kungsbacka’s best vantage point. Admittedly, it does take some effort getting up there, but in end it’s all well worth it. A hundred and seventy-nine steps later you’re up there taking in outstanding views both Kungsbacka and Kungsbackafjord.

Tre personer är på väg ner i trappan.
The water tower was built in1897 and from the top you have great views of all of Kungsbacka.Photo: Göran Assner
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