Vacker sommarvy över sjö med en kanotist i Jällunden.
Foto: Åse Ahlberg

Your guide to Hylte - 10 top tips

Written by Agneta Kristiansson
Agneta Kristiansson Skribent

Hylte, which is Halland’s only inland municipality has a stunning landscape with small lakes, excellent fishing spots, and splendid hiking and biking trails. On a trip here, you can blend active outdoor recreation with the tranquillity of nature and enjoy the best of local cuisine. Hylte also boasts an exciting interior design boutique, an organic lifestyle store and a national cultural heritage. These are just a few tips; you can find more inspiration at Pro tip: Make it a point to check out every venue’s website so you’re up to speed on opening hours which might differ between summer and winter.

Fresh fish at Tiraholm Fisk

Is it a fishery, a farm, a smokehouse, or a restaurant? You can enjoy some of the finest freshwater fish plucked from lake Bolmen’s clean waters. (The fishing is sustainable and carried out with environmentally-friendly fishing equipment.) In summers, they throw open an outdoor seating area where you can sit enjoy your food under a warm sun. They also have a farmshop where you can buy everything from smoked rainbow trout and eel to pike burgers.

The restaurant offers a lovely homestyle ambience. If you want to stay back for night or two, they also have a hotel with 18 spacious and comfortable rooms.

Bild på Tiraholms fisk-restaurang. Byggnaden är röd och framför ingången finns en uteservering i trä.
At Tiraholm’s fish in Unnaryd you can enjoy fresh and smoked fish.

Homemade delicacies at Skafferiet

Skafferie is a café and pastry shop at Gamla Nissastigen in Hyltebruk. They do fresh bread, cakes and pastries. They also do homemade lunches with a healthy salad buffed. You can do coffee with dessert if you have a sweet tooth. And yes, everything they do is made completely from scratch using only the finest local produce and ingredients.

Hyltebygden on a bike

There’s no better way to explore a village than on a bicycle. You enjoy the fresh, bracing air, it’s an unbeatable nature experience and it’s the perfect exercise.

Embark on the Hylte loop through the stunning Hyltebygden where you pedal on narrow skirting paths in a wonderful and varied landscape that runs through Hylte and Halmstad municipality. On the way you will discover and experience gorgeous countryside with its tiny red cottages, lush meadows with grazing animals and thick forests. You will come across small charming villages and urban areas where you can get everything you need in terms of lodging and fine homemade food.

Två kvinnor är ute och cycklar på Hylteslingan i vackert sommarväder med ett gult trähus i bakgrunden och en röd lada.
Hylteslingan is a bike-friendly ride of 165 km that takes you around Hyltebygden.Photo: Hg Karlsson

Fine craftsmanship and lots of decor

Crafts, interior design, gifts, curios, food, drinks and experiences – get it all under one roof. Welcome to UnnaRum and Långholmen café and bar in the middle of the square at Unnaryd. This is a charming place with creaking wooden floors, tiled stoves and a wonderfully old-world atmosphere. You will find furnishings, handicrafts, gifts and curios. Everything here is a testimony to fine craftsmanship from skilled craftsmen in ceramics, glass, metal, leather and textiles. After a bit of shopping, you can take a break at the Långholmens café and bar where you can enjoy some homestyle food and coffee.

Bild på entrén till UnnaRum
The UnnaRum interior store is located in the square in Unnaryd.

Photo: UnnaRum

Beautiful lake view at Alebo Pensionat

If you are looking for an idyllic rural accommodation with a beautiful view of lake and water then get yourself immediately to the Alebo Pensionat. This is a family-owned guesthouse situated on Lake Unnen so you can always get delightful views and are close to the tranquillity of nature. People have travelled here since the late 1800s for the stunning vistas, peaceful nature and the delightfully lovely cuisine they serve here always made from local, seasonal produce.

Wood-oven baked bread and plump sandwiches

Bäckhästens Bageri & Café is located on the border between Halland and Småland. Their centre piece is a wood-fired stone oven where every day they bake fresh bread and cakes with locally-sourced organic ingredients. The daily menu (which changes every day, depending on availability of ingredients) has a variety of cakes, pies, cookies and chocolate balls. They also serve a selection of sandwiches in a cozy café during the long summer days.

I växthuset är det uppdukat flera runda bord. Växthuset är täckt med grönskande växter.
Take a pause for the cause. Have a coffee break at Bäckhästens Bageri & Café’s greenhouse.

Shop naturally at Paletti

Paletti is situated at Torget in the middle of central Unnaryd. It’s a lifestyle boutique that stocks products that do as less harm as possible to the environment. In this charming little shop you will find, among other things, clothes made from natural fabrics, non-toxic wooden toys and Swedish-made skin care products. If you want to become a conscious consumer, then this boutique is for you.

On foot through Halland

If you want to discover Halland’s beautiful nature on foot, Hallandsleden is a perfect adventure for you. Through Hylte municipality you take the Hallandsleden from Simlångsdalen to Rydöbruk and further towards Kinnared. Whether you are an experienced hiker who wants to rough it out in a tent, cook over an open fire and hike for several days, or someone who’s just looking for a day’s adventure through nature, Hallandsleden you’re your plans perfectly. The whole of Hallandsleden is about 430 kms long. But it’s conveniently divided into 25 stages, making it easy for you to decide where and how long you want to hike.

Bild på tre personer som vandrar i en skog

Yabergsaffär – a cozy café in a historic setting

In a rustic old shop in Yaberg there’s now a café where you can enjoy coffee and lunch in a remarkable ambience. Yaberg Affären is a cozy café in a historic setting that offers everything from afternoon tea to light lunches. In the past, Yaberg was a vibrant society with many shopping establishments and its very own sawmill. If you haven’t got enough of this charming cultural-historical place, they also have a bed & breakfast where you can stay for a day or two.

Visit a cultural heritage museum

The Bonadsmuseum is a museum of narrative folk art located in Unnaryd.

Inspired by medieval church art, the homespun tapestries here tell happy stories of Sweden’s rural culture. The motifs are simple, the colours are bright and the stories reflect human kindness. The art here is a treasure and part of Sweden’s national heritage. It enjoys protection under the national antiquarian protection

I bilden syns en gammal spinnrock och på väggarna hänger massor av gamla bonader.
In Unnaryd, Sweden’s only farmers museum is located.
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