Gatan är kullerstensbeklädd och husen färgglada.
Foto: Agneta Kristiansson

Your guide to Halmstad – 10 top tips

Written by Lisa Söderholm
Lisa Söderholm Redaktör och friluftsälskare

Meandering cobble-stoned paths, quaint shops selling knick-knacks, dense forest tracts in urban areas, misty hiking trails, farm shops in the middle of town – Halmstad has it all. Here are ten must-do destinations when you’re in Halmstad next. Of course if you’re still hungry for more, please visit for more tips and suggestions.


Go back in time at Vallgatan

When you stroll along the cobble-stoned streets of Vallgatan you’ll feel like you’re walking in Halmstad 500 years ago. You’ll find quaint cottages festooned with creepers and brightly painted doors. The houses along the narrow street are some of the few that remain after the great city fires of 1619. (It is only the small houses along Vallgatan, the castle and the church that survived the raging fire.) As you walk along the narrow street, you can look for remains of the old fortress walls that went around Halmstad.

Kullerstensgatan slingrar sig med färgglada hus på båda sidor.
Stroll right into another era when you walk along the picturesque Vallgatan.

Photo: Agneta Kristiansson

Shop with a clear conscience at Paletti

Paletti is an organic lifestyle store on the fringe of Halmstad city centre. Here you will find products that are manufactured in a way that is good for both humans and for the environment. From clothes made with natural fabrics and Swedish skin care products to non-toxic wooden toys and curious, they have it all.

Historic NorrePort

Norreport is one of Sweden’s few preserved city gates. In the past, Halmstad had four city gates. Sadly, there’s only one left standing today. Norreport was completed in 1601 by the Danish king Christian IV, when Halmstad was a part of Denmark. The gate leads to Storgatan and is angled in a way that would protect the town from cannon fire. (Norreport faces Galgberget which would have been a natural place for the enemy to attack.) Just outside the wall lies Norre Katts park which is an excellent place to have a picnic when the sun is shining.

Stadsporten reser sig i slutet av gågatan.
Norreport is one of the last remaining well-preserved city gates in Sweden.

Photo: Agneta Kristiansson

Drottning Kristina Passage

There are many pedestrian streets in the centre, lined with shops, restaurants and cafés. Between Köpmansgatan and Storgatan is the Drottning Kristina Passage where you will find unique shops and cozy restaurants and cafes. Among the cobblestones and red bricks you will find Aim’n, Leklyckan, Espresso House and the popular lunch spot, Gastro Grön.

Passagen kantas av röda tegelhus.
Drottning Kristina Passage has several charming boutiques and cafés.

Photo: Agneta Kristiansson

Go for a stroll at Galgberget

A short walk from the centre lies the scenic Galgberget. When winding paths and tranquil greenery surrounds you, it is difficult to imagine that it was not always as peaceful. This place was regularly used for executions in medieval times. (There are three stone pillars where criminals were hanged to death.) You can use the staircase to get on top. It’s a bit of a climb, but it’s totally worth it for the spectacular sweeping views of Halmstad from that vantage point.

A craft bakery like no other – Feldt’s

Behind the sunny façade at Kasten Rönnowsgatan 10 in Halmstad is the small craft bakery Feldts. Here, everything is made from scratch using only the finest natural and organic ingredients. Drop in and you’ll discover a treasure trove of sourdough bread, cakes, marmalades, homemade, ice cream and buns of all kinds. This tiny bakery is famous all over Sweden and is extremely popular, so be sure to get here early if you want to make sure you can get your hands on your favourites.

Bild på entrén till Feldts bageri
At Feldt’s, everything is baked with natural ingredients and a whole lot of love.

Photo: Agneta Kristiansson

Skånskan chocolate factory and café

Skånskan is housed in a 17th-century building and is one of Halmstad’s oldest cafés. It is also delightfully charming, to say the least. Step inside its doors and you are immediately greeted with the aroma of warm cinnamon rolls, cakes and pastries. If you’re a serious chocoholic, you’ve hit the jackpot, because they also have their own chocolate shop, where they craft handmade pralines, truffles and delicious chocolate cookies.

Bild på entrén till Skånskan. Det hänger en skylt ovanför dörren.
Skånskan is one of Halmstad’s oldest cafes and offers everything from cakes and pastries to sinfully decadent chocolates.

Photo: Destination Halmstad

A farm shop in the middle of town

Gudagott is something of a rarity. It’s a farm shop in the middle of town. In a narrow alley, nestled among the tiny, quaint homes is this gem of a shop, that’s stocked with meats and delicacies of all kinds. The meat comes from Gudmundsgården in Slöinge and the other items are sourced directly from local producers. Drop by and take home deliciously plump sausages, game meats, lamb, cheeses, honey and more.

Exteriörbild på Gudagott
Gudagott is a charming little farm shop in the center of Halmstad.

Photo: Lisa Söderholm

Söderfamiljen, a family-friendly cafe

Söderfamiljen is located a bit outside the city centre but is well worth the expedition. Here it is close to the tables and the environment invites you to conversations with the table neighbours . The food served varies by season and mood, but there are always several good dishes to choose from. Fikat is home-cooked and exciting drinks are plenty. In the South family, love for each other and for food is the most important.

Hike along the coast on Prince Bertil’s trail

Prince Bertil’s trail is an easy-to-walk trail that winds along the coast, all the way out to Tylösand. It starts at the castle inside Halmstad and just after a kilometer you will find yourself at the seaside. (If the weather’s right, this is a great spot for a quick swim and grilling hot dogs.) The trail runs 18 kilometres from start to finish, but you don’t have to go the entire distance.

Två personer går på en stig. I förgrunden syns en rödvit livboj.
Prince Bertil’s trail goes from Halmstad, all the way along the coast and out to Tylösand.

Photo: Oskar Albrektson