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Connected to nature: dining experiences in Halland

Written by Agneta Kristiansson
Agneta Kristiansson Skribent

Nature is in abundance in Halland, and the backyard is our pantry. Healthy, natural eating is close to our heart so dishes created from locally sourced meats and vegetables feature on most restaurant menus. There are plenty of farm shops that stock organic meats and vegetables, and our cafés and bakeries create magic with locally sourced ingredients.

All of Halland is one big open-air market bursting with flavours and colours of local produce and ingredients. Whether it’s the plump, yellow Chanterelle mushrooms that grow wild in our forests, the bounty of seafood from the ocean and our inland lakes or in the delicious pub-fare of our taverns, you’ll experience an entire range of flavours, textures and tastes of Halland. Here are some of our tips for nature-related dining experiences in Halland.


The Halland table – “The Edible Country”, the country’s leading tourism portal, has created the concept of “The Edible Country”, transforming Sweden into the world’s largest gourmet restaurant. Taking a cue from this, we’ve got Halland for your dining pleasure. We have set up a table in Ugglarp with sweeping views of the sea. Come with family and friends and create your own DIY dining experience with nature as a starting point and source of inspiration. You can book the table for every Friday between May and September. More details are available here.

Being outdoors and cooking under the open sky is one of the things that is very close to us in Sweden. We are firm believers that you can find just about anything you need for a great dining experience in Mother Nature’s pantry – produce and ingredients that you can use to put together a delicious AND sustainable dining experience.

A bunch of people toast around a table
Edible country: Halland and Falkenberg
Photo: Simon Lautrup

stedsans in the woods

When you have the names of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal singing your praises, you know you can’t go wrong. Presence in the Woods lies deep in the middle of a forest in Halland. This is as rustic as it gets – the food is cooked over an open fire. Guests are housed in bedouin tents or in wooden cabins by the lake, but the experience is anything but primitive. The ingredients – the game, the fish, the mushrooms, the berries, the herbs, are all locally sourced from ecologically sustainable farms that surround the immediate area. This is an ethical approach when it comes to cooking without compromising on flavors and experience.

Steninge Kuststation

Steninge Kuststation enjoys an ideal location – with both the Kattegat cycling trail and the sea right on its doorstep. With proximity to both Falkenberg and Halmstad, this is the perfect spot to stop for a coffee break, a leisurely lunch or even an overnight stay. The food here is based on love and appreciation for nature so almost all the food is vegetarian and climate-smart, prepared using only the finest locally produced ingredients. (Even the beers are local – brought to you from three of the region’s most appreciated brewers.)

They love the Hallandian kale and use it extensively in their dishes. They also serve dishes that contain seaweed and algae – both climate smart and delicious food choices. They also have an excellent porridge bar where the two-time World Champion porridge chef, Per Carlsson, stirs up several porridge varieties. This is ideal if you want to fuel up and get ready to ride down the Kattegat trail.

In addition to all the delicious food, you can also enjoy a selection of nature-related activities such as Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP), guided coastal walks, MTB tours (on your own or with local guides), kayak tours and yoga.

Picture of plaques, sallas and other food standing on a table with blue / white tablecloth.
At Steninge Kuststation, the food served is locally produced, climate-smart and vegetarian. And absolutely delicious.
Photo: Agneta Kristiansson

Tiraholms fisk

Is it a fishery, a farm, a smokehouse, or a restaurant? Well, Tiraholms Fisk is all of the above…and more. It’s Sweden’s only inland seafood restaurant – a family run establishment that’s engaged in fishing and farming of fish (rainbow salmon). Plus they also smoke fish and run a restaurant on the premises. They conduct their fishing with environmentally friendly fishing gear. They smoke some of their catch (so along with fresh fish, you can buy some hot and cold smoked varieties too) and the rest ends up on their restaurant menu. You can have a variety of fish as carpaccio, ceviche, smoked, fried or grilled. Especially recommended is their seating in the outdoor courtyard that offers a fantastic rustic experience. Make the time to drop into this place on your next trip to Halland.

Picture of a person holding a tray of fish.
Tiraholm Fisk is Sweden’s only inland seafood restaurant.
Photo: Tiraholms Fisk

Äskhults by

Äskhults By is a quaint little village where time has stood still for over 200 years. The timbered cottages are built close to each other together and are surrounded by primitive stone courtyards. In the midst of all this, you’ll discover a coffee house that serves homemade goodies made from recipes from another era – with everything made with locally grown ingredients. Stop by and pack a hamper of goodies to take with you for a picnic. Or just sit back and relax with a cup of coffee in a historic setting.

A family with two children and two adult puppies at a lake.
In Äskhults By you can pick up a picnic basket to take to the beach.
Photo: G Assner

Ästad vingård & RestauranG Äng

Ästad is Halland’s largest vineyard where you can pair world-class wines with some of the most delicious food in Halland. Their entire menu is created with dishes using only the finest local ingredients, most of them hand-picked by farmers from the area. The menus alternate between the seasons and are painstakingly designed by curating the season’s top ingredients. At the newly created restaurant Äng, they have a tasting menu (9 or 11 dishes) that features the best of Halland – from its farms, its forests, its lakes and from the seas surrounding it. If you want to experience Halland on a plate, this is the place to visit.

Close up of food from restaurant Äng.

Ulvereds hjorthägn

Ulvereds Hjorthägn is a restaurant and farm shop that lies along the narrow and winding road to Ulvered. All year round you can buy fresh and frozen venison along with a variety of hot and cold smoked deer meat, salami, sausages and pates. The restaurant is situated right next to the farm where they rear; the large windows brings the forest indoors so you get a unique experience with your meal. In the summer time, you can go mushroom picking and hiking in the surrounding forests. The helpful people on the farm can arrange this for you.



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