Familj har picknick i halländsk skog
Foto: Ron Johansson

11 budget tips for a family holiday

Written by Lisa Söderholm
Lisa Söderholm Redaktör och friluftsälskare
  1. 1. Hit the beaches

Some of the best things in Halland are absolutely free. We have some of the loveliest child-friendly beaches in all of Sweden. Tylösand, Apelviken, Skummeslövstrand and Skrea beach are some of the more well-known but you’ll find plenty of other beaches along the coast. And if you thought you could only visit our beaches during summer, think again. Grilling hot dogs in the spring sun, getting cozy in a blanket on a dune in autumn or using the beach as a giant sandbox to build a sand castle with the family in winter are all excellent ideas. Come on over. We’re open all year round.

  1. Två vuxna sitter i varsin solstol medan två barn spelar fotboll vid sidan om.
    Some of Sweden’s finest beaches are in Halland.Photo: Philip Liljenberg
    1. 2. Bike on Kattegattleden

  2. Bring your own bikes or rent one and ride on Kattegattleden, Europe’s best bike trail 2018. The entire Kattegatt Trail is almost 400 kilometres long and extends from Helsingborg in the south to Gothenburg. But you can pick and choose the sections of the trail you want to ride. The ocean is just a stone’s throw away, so it’s perfect to bring your own food and drinks and sit in a dune and have a picnic.
    1. Två barn sitter och vilar längs vägen med cyklarna jämte.Kattegattleden stretches along the entire coast of Halland.Photo: Philip Liljenberg
  3. At Naturum Fjärås Bräcka you can learn tonnes of exciting facts about animals and nature. Often, exciting children’s theme days can be arranged. Perfect for easy hiking amidst unspoilt nature on Fjärås Bräcka, this is a place carved by glaciers a bit before your time – 15,000 years ago during the last ice age, to be precise.

Sixty meters above sea level lies Fjärås Bräcka, an island formation. From here you have breath-taking view of both the sea and Halland’s largest lake, Lygnern. The area is ribboned with beautiful hiking and walking trails. Up the hill is also Naturum Fjärås Bräcka where you can walk about a permanent exhibition that showcases the local nature and culture of the place. Inside nature park there are interesting exhibitions and often exciting and child-friendly activities are organized.

  1. 4. Where Bockstensmann was discovered – Åkulla forest

Go to Åkulla bokskogar and seek out the place where the Bockstensmann was found. The Bockstensmann is one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval finds – the remains of a medieval man that date back to the 14th century. Evidence suggests the man was actually killed, so it’s also an intriguing murder mystery. You can actually visit the spot today and try to solve this mystery. (It’s marked with a cross so it’s easy to find.)  If you want to look more closely at the Bockstensmann, he is now resting peacefully at Halland’s Cultural History Museum at Varberg Fortress. The museum has free entry for children and adolescents up to 19 years old, and costs just 80 SEK for adults.

En ung och en äldre person promenerar på en stig bland bokskogen.
Åkulla bokskogar offers fantastic hiking and here you will also find the spot where Bockstensmann was discovered.Photo: Patrik Leonardsson
  1. 5. Go birdwatching at Naturum Getterön

Naturum Getterön is one of Halland’s most visited destinations – about 70,000 people visit every year. But it’s not just people who not only are people who think this is a wonderful place. Every year, thousands and thousands of migratory birds are drawn to this place.

You don’t need specialized knowledge about birds to enjoy this place; a healthy curiousity about nature is enough.  The park is open all year and there’s something happening almost every day.

To get the most out of your birdwatching adventure, it’s good to bring binoculars along. Also, remember to pack some snacks and coffee/drinks so you can have a picnic in the park. Of course, they do have a small coffee shop on location.

Översiktsbild på Naturum Getterön
Naturum Getterön is one of Halland’s most visited destinations.Photo: Mikael Johansson
  1. 6. Vallarna playground and park

Vallarna is Falkenberg’s largest open-air playground and park. Along with an abundance of greenery and nature, you will find activities for both the young and the young at heart. There’s a parkour park, skate park, adventure course and a mini zoo with hens, goats, sheep and pigs. Don’t forget to pack a picnic hamper; the kids will not want to leave this place for a long time.

Ett barn balanserar på en stock.
In Vallarna’s open-air park there’s an adventure course where kids can challenge themselves and each other.Photo: Destination Falkenberg
  1. 7. Experience the history of Hallandsgården on Galgberget

On the Galgberget in central Halmstad lies the open-air museum Hallandsgården. The area is open year round and in the summer you can enter the old houses and see get a glimpse of how life was in the past. There is a popular playground in the area and right next door is scenic Galgberget with magical trails to discover.

  1. 8. Say hello to rabbits and pigs at Stadsbondgården Olofstorp

Stadsbondgården welcomes everyone and it costs nothing to visit. Here, you can walk around the stable, among the gardens and along the farms to see and pet pigs, sheep, rabbits, cats, goats and hens. In addition to a lot of different animals, there is a health garden, herb garden, spice farm and a playhouse. There are plenty of hiking trails around the area with some great barbecue spots.

  1. 9. Go on a discovery in Femsjö .

The well known botanist Elias Fries is from Femsjö and made his very first discoveries in the area. Today there are several small trails to walk that are suitable for adults and children alike. Femsjö School is the perfect place to start your journey. You will learn extensively about mushrooms, Elias Fries and BBQing.

Två barn sitter och äter varsin bulle.
Sometimes the snack break (or ‘fika’ as we call it in Swedish) is just as important as the walk itself.Photo: Oskar Albrektson
  1. 10. Challenge and play in Unneparken

Unneparkn is a nature park that’s close to the beach and a football field. It’s the perfect place for anyone who likes climbing, balancing, building huts and digging. And who does not? If you have a spring in your step and adventure in your soul, you can challenge yourself with different activities here. And when you’re done playing you can throw some sausages on the BBQ and sit back, relax and have a great meal.

  1. 11. Be creative at the Teckermuseet in Laholm

This is the only museum in the Nordic region for drawing art. Entry is free at the drawing museum, and this makes it perfect for the whole family to drop by. In addition to exciting exhibits, there is also a popular cartoon theatre that is completely free to use and that really invites you to be creative. The museum has a small boutique where you can purchase books, postcards and gift items. There’s also a café where you can sit back and enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee.

Laholms teckningsmuseum ligger på en liten höjd med utsikt över Lagan.
Laholm’s drawing museum is housed in an old fire station.
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