Två kvinnor är ute och cycklar på Hylteslingan i vackert sommarväder med ett gult trähus i bakgrunden och en röd lada.
Foto: Hg Karlsson


Hylteslingan is a cycling trail that’s about 165 km long. It starts and ends in Halmstad. The trail offers a wonderfully scenic excursion; it follows Nissan's valley into dense forests and lush environments, and back through the Simlångdalen valley.

If you have the spirit for cycling, you couldn’t do anything better than take on Hylteslingan trail for a 165 km long bike ride through the beautiful Hyltebygden. The trail winds through a varied landscape through both Hylte and Halmstad municipality. Continuing on, you pass through the northern Nissan’s valley through beautiful nature and interesting countryside. You encounter small communities and villages, thick woods, wide open meadows and exquisite lakes – big and small. Via Oskarström, Torup and Hyltebruk, the trail enters thick woods. Before you head back to Halmstad, you encounter Simlångsdalen which opens up a new vista – a splendid and scenic panorama where you can stop to rest those weary legs. There are several interesting places to break for a snack or a meal, and even stay overnight.