Bild på tre personer som vandrar i en skog
Foto: Oskar Albrektson


Halland has some of the most exquisite hiking trails in the world. You get adventure, exercise, and views that would make your Instagram followers drool. So put on those hiking boots…it’s time to hit the trails.

The Hallandsleden trail links up with the Skåneleden trail to the south and Bohusleden to the north. As it wends its way through Halland, the trail divides into an eastern and a western branch at Simlångsgården.

The landscape is varied and constantly changing. One moment you will be trekking through deep forest; soon you will emerge into an open landscape with pastures dotted with cozy red cottages. The Hallandsleden trail follows paths with plenty of elements from the past. You will discover ancient monuments and historic buildings. (If you’re a history buff you’ll be pleased to know that many of the sights have information signs.) The entire route is about 360 km long and the trail is divided into 25 stages.