Närbild på sanddyna och strandvass.
Foto: Destination Halmstad

Gullbranna Beach

At about fifteen kilometres south of Halmstad, Gulbranna beach is Halmstad’s southern-most beach.

Gulbranna attracts thousands of visitors every year and it is easy to understand why. This is a 2.5 km child-friendly sandy beach, with some of Halland’s most majestic sand dunes. The beach ends at the mouth of the Lagan and is at the foot of a nature reserve with a lush forest that has plenty of mysterious trails for the whole family to explore. After a few hours frolicking on the sands and in the water, you’re bound to be near-starvation. Fear not, for close by is the Gullbrannagården that has a restaurant and cafe for the ravenous, post-beach crowd.