Foto: Visit Laholm

Glänninge sjö

Smack in the center of Laholm town you’ll find a popular spot for day picnics. It’s the Glänninge Lake with it’s sandy beach, a jumping tower, a bathing jetty and waters as clear as gin.

A beach with soft sand, crystal clear waters, swings, a bathing jetty, a BBQ area, and tables and benches are just few of the things Glänninge Lake in Laholm offers picnic goers. There’s a bridge with a disability ramp, so everyone can enjoy this spot. The lake has a raft moored in the middle that you can swim to, and laze around on when the sun is shining. Around the lake is a well marked walking trail, if you’re looking for a quick jog or a leisurely stroll. Come by and bring the children. This is a spot they’ll love.