Bild på forsande vattenfall
Foto: Visit Hylte


Bosgårdsfallet is a waterfall in the hamlet of Bosgård, just west of Torup on the road to Falkenberg.

Bosgårdsfallet cascades down over appr. 11 meters in the woods of Bosgård. Back in the day, the waterfall was used to generate electricity, but since 1955 there is no activity anymore. There are some remains of the old power plant but nowadays people just come to see the waterfall, experience nature and hike the trails.

Drive from Halmstad north to Torup/Hylbruk and take a left turn at the roundabout in Torup onto route 150. Keep right on the road until you see a white sign for “Viewpoint Bosgårdsfallet”. You can park your car here; it’s just a few minutes walk to the waterfall. This is a perfect place for a picnic – spread out a sheet, unpack the hamper and have a fantastic time with the symphony of the waterfall providing a soothing serenade.