Foto: Visit Falkenberg


Pedal through open landscapes, forests that fade away into the horizon and gorgeous lakes shimmering in the summer sun. Ätradalsleden is a bicycle trail that snakes through Falkenberg and Falköping and is a total of 199 kilometres long, of which 146 kilometres are completely vehicle-free.

Ätradalsleden stretches from Falköping in the north to Falkenberg in the south, where it joins up with Kattegattleden, an award-winning bike trail. You can choose and pick the stretch you want to embark on and where you want to start your journey. Some recommended starting points are Falköping, Ulricehamn, Tranemo, Fegen, Svenljunga and Falkenberg. If you want to bike from Falkenberg to Fegen, it is a 53 km stretch.

On your way, you will be able to experience the area’s scenic nature, culture, great food and interesting places to visit. Should you choose to stop for the night, there are several accommodation options – you can stay on a working farm, in a lakeside cabin or you could choose to stay in the middle of town.