Flygfoto över Tjolöholms slott. Omgiven av grönskande träd och blått vatten.
Foto: Tjolöholms slott

Tjolöholms Slott (Tjolöholms Castle)

A trip to Halland can reveal unexpected wonders. A Swedish castle built in Tudor style, for one. Tjolöholm Castle was built between1898 and 1904 by James Fredrik and Blanche Dickson. Modern conveniences from the turn of the century such as electricity, central heating and a circularly flowing shower were added to make this castle truly unique.

The castle grounds have expansive breathtaking views of the sea. Throughout the year you will always find great food at the castle. The emphasis is on locally sourced and home grown ingredients. The chefs in the stately kitchens of the castle are passionate about quality and seasonality. During autumn and winter, the open fireplace at the Storstugan restaurant is a welcome destination for warming yourself up after a long walk in the castle grounds. The castle is open for tours every day during the summer, and on weekends the rest of the year. Come on over, and embark on a journey through historic grandeur.