Bild innifrån Sueså delikatessbutik.
Foto: Daniel Börjesson

Suseå Choklad & Deli

At Suseå, the handmade pralines are crafted from the finest cocoa beans, locally sourced honey and a whole lot of love. The production facilities are on the outskirts of Falkenberg but their deli is right in the center of town.

If you want to experience chocolate heaven, go down to Storgatan in Falkenberg for there is a small boutique that is the epitome of passion when it comes to handmade chocolates. At Suseå, you will find a complete assortment of the finest pralines in the land. Along with that, you can also get your hands on coffee, drinks, cheeses and other delicacies from some of the finest purveyors of fine foods in the region.