Tre personer ställer iordning maten inför servering.
Foto: Skovdal Nordic

Stedsans in the Woods

In the middle of a densely forested area of Halland lies Stedsans in the Woods, a restaurant like no other. It offers a unique and exquisite gastronomic experience. Small wonder then that the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have given raves reviews to this place.

Fresh fish is sourced rom the fishermen at nearby lake Bolmen, the meat comes from animals they rear themselves or from local hunters, and the vegetables are hand-picked from the surrounding forest or their own farms. Every dish is cooked over an open wood fire. If you’re an overnight guest you can pick from a Bedouin tent or a wooden cabin by the lake to stay the night in. If you want to reconnect with nature and have an exquisite dining experience to boot, this is the place to head to.