Foto: Rian designmuseum

RIAN Design Museum

The RIAN design museum is overlooks the Ätran river in Halland. The building dates back to 1865 when it was a popular granary and mill. On display are some great examples of industrial design, architecture, fashion design and arts & crafts, along with items of popular design.

If you want to experience innovative and popular design, and get a whiff of Swedish and international design, this should be a must-see on your next trip to Halland. They have a design store that sells books, gift items, posters and postcards. Once you’re done browsing the exhibits you can head over to their popular café and get a table overlooking the Ätran river. Order some a Falkenberg sandwich, a cup of steaming Swedish coffee an sit back browse through a collection of international design magazines as a fitting finale to a great day.