Två personer som tar för sig av ett bord uppdukat med olika maträtter.
Foto: Visit Hylte

Pensionat Sågknorren

Pensionat Sågknorren is located in a remarkably scenic setting, just 500 yards or so from Lake Frillen and only a 40-minute drive from Halmstad. They offer some excellent choice if you’re seeking room and board. You can stay at a guest room at the inn with full hotel facilities, you can opt for a room in their luxury hostel or you can get your own independent cottage.

There’s a restaurant on the premises which serves delicious fare created using locally produced ingredients. (All the meat is Swedish, eggs and vegetables are mostly from their own farm.) You can also home-made juices, jams and handmade wood chopping boards for your kitchen. When you’re there, don’t miss the opportunity to book the sauna or the hot tub for a bit of decadent relaxation. If you want to have fun indoors, they have a game room with a billiards table, ping-pong and foosball. You will find a wood fired grill and a swimming area as well as some lovely hiking trails in the surrounding area. If you still haven’t had your fill of the outdoors, you can also rent bikes, canoes, rowing boats and fishing equipment at the inn.