laholm mellbystrand potatis

Månstorps Gård

Månstorps Gård is located between Laholm and Mellbystrand. The farm dates way back before your time to the early 19th century and has been in the Pålsson family since 2008. Today, there is Bed & Breakfast, a farm shop, a café and an all-round fantastic environment to kick back and relax in.

The farm shop stocks quality products sourced from local suppliers. The shop also has gift items like handmade scented candles of Swedish rapeseed wax and other dainty items. The emphasis is also on seasonal fruits and vegetables. So at the right time, you can pick up the farm’s very own apple juice, pickled cucumber, pickled beets and marmalade. There’s a cozy café in the courtyard that serves light lunches, home made bread, a delicious waffle buffet and freshly brewed coffee.