Två personer som sitter och fikar på en uteservering med möbler i glada färger.
Foto: Agneta Kristiansson

Feldts Socker och cykel

A pastry lover, a bicycle enthusiast and a coffee buff walk into a store. They all go crazy with excitement. They’re at Feldts Socker och Cykel, an extraordinary store on Nygatan 1 in central Halmstad.

Feldts Socker och Cykel is a perfect blend of a café, a bicycle shop and a store. If you’re a bike-enthusiast, you can meet like-minded people here, shop for bike accessories, and go for a ride. Or you can skip all this and make a beeline for the pastries, buns and coffee. You can eat and shop here without an iota of guilt. The ingredients for the food are organic and locally sourced; the coffee is Fair Trade. Also, when you purchase an enamel cup, a water bottle or a calendars, you will be happy to learn that part of the proceeds go to charity.