Översiktsbild över Ästad vingård
Foto: Jerker Andersson

Ästad Vineyard

What do the grapes taste like? How are the vines cultivated? What is nose and character? Engage all your senses and get a complete wine experience at Ästad Vineyard in Halland.

The vineyard is spread over four hectares where the vines stand in beautiful rows on a sunny hillside.

There’s a restaurant on the premises that serves exquisite dishes that are prepared using the finest seasonal ingredients. (Wherever possible, they use organic ingredients sourced from local producers.)

You can take a guided tour of the vineyard. Then step into the winery and find out how grapes are turned into wine. In the wine bar, you can sink into one of their soft settees and enjoy a glass of wine paired with sweeping views of lush green meadows. Or challenge your taste buds with a wine tasting in their wine cellar.

They are open seven days a week, but it’s a good idea to call first.