Foto: Visit Varberg


When you in or around Varberg, you should definitely not miss the wonderful countryside. Highly recommended is Åkturen , a ‘hop-on, hop-off’ bus line that connects Varberg's inner city with the Åkulla beech forest.

The route passes through popular spots you’d definitely want to visit such as the Ästad vineyard, Öströö sheep farm, Åkulla open-air farm or Strömma Farm Lodge. On the other hand, you may want to continue on to the Åkulla beech forest that has some exciting hiking trails and some cultural heritage sites. (Do make it a point to visit the Bockstenmann’s site where the remains of a 14th century medieval man was discovered in the 1880s.

The bus line operates from May 1 to September 29. During the low season the line only runs on weekends but during the summer there are daily departures from Varberg’s bus terminal.